Contemporary Art by Southern Artists

Bob Snider

Bob was the kid in the back of the classroom drawing pictures of the English teacher.  Like most artists, he is very visual and has always looked for the abstract designs in everything from cloud formations to reflections of light in water.  “When I started college, I set out to get a major in art but realized the world is full of people with more artistic talent, so I got a second major in business.“  It is somewhat ironic that after a thirty year career as an investment banker, (which was preceded by a tour in Washington DC as Special Assistant to Senator John L McClellan), that Bob returned to his love of art as his lifetime passion.

He started out in a water media class at the Arkansas Arts Center and had early success in annual exhibitions with Mid Southern Watercolorist.  “Being able to take at least two workshops a year taught by world class artists jump started my career”.  It was during a workshop with Barry Thomas that someone asked me if I had ever tried oils.  “So the next day she provided me oils, brushes and a pallet and I approached the scene on the Arkansas River just like a watercolor and the painting sold the next week for double the price of my watercolors”.

Today Bob paints in both watercolor and oils and continues to teach workshops in both media.  In the past few years, Bob has taken and taught painting workshops in Italy, France and in various locales in the United States.  Being a daily painter, Bob has a sizable inventory of paintings which are sold in local galleries as well as in Colorado, California, Georgia and Florida.  

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