Contemporary Art by Southern Artists

Judy Shreve

Georgia Folk Primitive Southern Paintings

After 20 plus years as a successful clay artist, Judy's work evolved into working with acrylics, charcoals, inks and oil pastels on various surfaces. She paints from imagination and sees her work as a narrative. "It gives me the freedom to both visualize and feel my subjects. Painting in this way allows me to express my ideas more creatively-sometimes even distorting reality. My goal is to take you back to a time when anything seemed possible- when life felt mysterious and delightful".

Even though one aspect of Judy's work is enchantment and wonder, she also uses symbolism to show the connection of life and spirit; to show the importance of diversity, the intelligence of the animals, and the relationship we each have to all living things. "Life is full of beauty, if not a little magical".

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