Contemporary Art by Southern Artists

Julie Simon

With a history of art and advertising studies, Julie decided to create a line of jewelry twelve years ago. The idea was to combine a passion for natural stones with the influences of ancient Egypt and Greece where light played such a large part in the art and culture.  The key is to use this light and with various techiniques create a piece of wearable art.  She feels the textures and organic forms of nature combined with sterling silver and touches of gold can bring beauty to the wearer while working on a different level. The semi-precious stones are chosen to fit particular forms of clean lines and let the “stones speak”.

When you wear them you will have the opportunity not only to look great but to feel beautiful inside and out.

I continue on this artistic journey with an open mind and a view always to the light……..Julie

~ each piece is an original hand-crafted work of art and availability, size and price may vary ... please contact gallery before ordering.


~ This is just a sampling ... visit the gallery to see the complete collection of over 75 pieces! ~ 

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