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#237-"Apollo" Limited edition available until 9/2/19 "Pioneer the future for the benefit of all-"NASA

#237-"Apollo" Limited edition available until 9/2/19 "Pioneer the futu



Spiritile - molten glass on copper, 1.75"x5.25"x8.5"

"Pioneer the future for the benefit all" -NASA

Designed in commemoration of the NASA Space Program's 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, celebrating the men and women who made this extraordinary feat of American ingenuity possible. The scale of the Apollo program’s dedication, teamwork, and engineering genius was staggering. The project ran on tight timeframes and under intense pressure. Thanks to the persistence and discernment of the mathematicians, engineers, physicists, and programmers behind this project, we were the first to land astronauts on the moon and bring them safely home. The teams behind Apollo not only achieved their goals, they pioneered the future for the benefit of all humanity. We owe these lesser known heroes our gratitude. We owe them our present. To honor their efforts and further their legacy, Houston Llew will donate the profit of each “Apollo” Spiritile to the National Math & Science Initiative, which is dedicated to advancing STEM education among all American youth. “Apollo” will be available to order until September 2nd, 2019. Join us in celebrating our past, so that we may pioneer our future for the benefit of all.

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